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Do you need to construct a house in 5 days?

Our modular construction system allows fully bespoke houses to be built onsite in five days by using only two unskilled labourers and no lifting equipment. We are not joking when we say that the design relies on the use of only a hammer to complete construction! This truly is the Model - T housing system. The whole build is dry, there are no wet trades required. Wiring and plumbing conduits are built-in so that first fit can be acomplished in record time. Bungalow or house, any size, any number of rooms, can be built from a concrete raft in only five days. No interior or exterior decorating is required. It is delivered by truck to site, requires no bespoke construction in an offsite factory and we can provide up to 1000 houses per week on our dedicated automatic production lines, each one unique, flexible and attractive. there is nothing like it anywhere.

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